By bringing equity into my classroom—through the use of various tools and modalities for expressing learning—I hope to give each student the opportunity to learn in the way that works best for them.”

Morgan’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Math

“I chose to teach math because I believe that every single student can do math, regardless of their previous experiences with the subject. Through elevating all students’ voices and building activities that foster participation, I hope that I can build a classroom environment where every student leaves with a more positive outlook of math and their ability to engage with its intricacy.” 

Professional Experience

Morgan has been teaching informally since high school, when she began working as a swim instructor. In addition to coaching swimming, she taught coding, robotics and design at a K–8 STEM camp. In this role, she revised the curriculum to make it more engaging for students and teacher friendly. 

While studying industrial engineering at The Ohio State University, she worked as a continuous improvement intern at a titanium alloy plant. During the internship, Morgan mapped out the value stream of titanium ore as it moves through the steps of processing to ultimately become a raw material for airplane parts and medical devices. After graduation, she worked as an industrial engineer at FedEx Ground, where she helped optimize network plans for distributing packages from Chicago to the rest of the country. Additionally, she used her Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification to lead logistics improvement projects.

Morgan will begin her first year of teaching at High Tech High Media Arts during the 2021–2022 school year.  


Morgan enjoys hiking, surfing, teaching people to surf and making homemade pizza. 

Academic Background

  • The Ohio State University (Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering) 
  • High Tech High Graduate School of Education (Master of Education in Teaching and Learning; June 2022 anticipated graduation)