I think teachers have to balance teaching students content and teaching them to be good people. Our job isn’t just to teach them facts, but to teach them how to think in an informed and critical way so that they can make intelligent decisions in the future and ultimately create a better world!”

Sarah’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Biology and Environmental Science

Why Biology and Environmental Science

“What could be better than the science of life? I love understanding the world around me and inside me, and my biology courses have always gotten my neurons firing! I think there is a lot of room for teaching students about themselves through biology and teaching a greater appreciation for the world around them through environmental science.”

Professional Experience

Sarah worked as an intern for The Growing Project, a nonprofit that promotes the value of a strong, diverse, and just local food system to all residents of Northern Colorado through direct agricultural experiences, education, and advocacy. Her role was to start a program called Food Finders that picked up unsold produce from farms and food co-ops, and delivered it to food banks and other nonprofits by bicycle.

She worked as a saw programs intern for Wildland Restoration Volunteers, which involved maintaining chainsaws, cutting down trees, and running a wildfire risk reduction project. She also spent three years running a summer bicycling camp, three years assisting at a therapeutic horseback riding summer camp, and one year doing ballistics and forensics work with the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC).

Sarah began teaching at Chinle High School during the 2018–2019 school year.

Volunteer Experience

Sarah serves as the foster coordinator for a dog rescue called Blackhat Humane Society.


Sarah enjoys mountain biking with her dog Ruby.

Academic Background

  • Colorado State University (Bachelor of Science in Biology Education)