Teacher-Generated Knowledge is Shared in Kaleidoscope: Educator Voices and Perspectives


Moorestown, N.J., Dec. 10, 2014 – The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) today published the inaugural issue of its new journal—Kaleidoscope: Educator Voices and Perspectives. Penned by participants in the Foundation’s Teaching Fellows and Senior Fellows Programs, Kaleidoscope explores knowledge of, for, and about teaching, from the point of view of current and former secondary science and mathematics teachers.

The mission of Kaleidoscope is to share knowledge generated by and for teachers in order to strengthen the teaching profession and improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. “KSTF is committed to supporting teachers as the primary agents of educational improvement. A key part of this is upholding and spreading the knowledge generated by teachers of and for their own practice. We are thrilled to be launching this new journal and hope it will resonate with other practitioners, provoke thoughtful dialogue, and lead to transformations in teaching and schooling practices,” stated Nicole Gillespie, Executive Director, KSTF.

“Teacher-generated research is often omitted from regular research journals,” said Casey O’Hara, Senior Fellow, KSTF. “I’m excited to serve on the editorial board of a publication that supports teacher-researchers, by providing a venue for the distribution of small-scale, peer-reviewed articles.”

The inaugural issue of Kaleidoscope contains five articles on the following topics:

– science curriculum and curriculum in practice;

– teacher collaboration and professional learning communities;

– teacher / student relationships; and

– learning about students and teaching through critical reflection and teacher inquiry.

Kaleidoscope offers an opportunity for Fellows to advocate for the advancement of the teaching profession, while honing their writing and editing skills,” commented Dina Portnoy, Director, Senior Fellows Program, KSTF. “Our new journal is a significant addition to the many ways KSTF supports teacher agency.”

Kaleidoscope will be published quarterly, with the next issue slated for early 2015.