July 21, 2017

Dear Friends of KSTF,

Eighteen years after our founding, we at the Janet H. and C. Harry Knowles Foundation are excited to be launching a new phase in our work to transform mathematics and science education in the United States.

Since we were founded in 1999, we have been “doing business as” the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation, or KSTF. Although that name has served us well, it no longer quite captures who we are and what we do. While we remain committed to improving mathematics and science education by supporting teachers, our guiding vision, strategy and programs have all evolved considerably over the past two decades.

In May 2017, our Board of Trustees, with input from a wide range of stakeholders, voted to change our “doing business as” name to the Knowles Teacher Initiative, and to formally adopt the tagline Transforming Mathematics & Science Education.

We’re excited about this new name for a number of reasons:

  • We are, and have always been, about supporting teachers. This new name puts teachers front and center.
  • We’ve been supporting both science AND mathematics teachers since 2005. This name (with the tagline) makes that clear.
  • We trust that teachers are in the best position to lead transformation. Our new name and tagline capture that commitment.

Our Teaching Fellows Program will continue to be the cornerstone of our work, and our Senior Fellows Programs will continue to support the leadership efforts of our Fellows to improve education beyond their own classrooms. In addition, our new name also marks the launch of an entirely new area of work for us. Through the Knowles Academy, we will offer a range of professional development opportunities open to all mathematics and science teachers, as well as customized services for schools and districts. We’ll be unveiling our new website in early October, with a new look for our new brand. The Knowles Academy section on the new website will allow you to learn more about our offerings, register for professional development, and learn about our current work with schools and districts. Sign up here to be notified when the new website is online and to keep up to date on other Knowles news and events.

We’re looking forward to this new stage in our continuing growth and evolution and hope you’ll join us in celebrating this exciting milestone.

Warm regards,



Nicole M. Gillespie
Executive Director & CEO

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