Teachers should be positive role models and assist in their students’ personal development by helping them become life-long learners and responsible members of society.”

Amy’s Story

The daughter of a junior high school teacher, Amy Schachner grew up admiring her mother who loved to teach and was invested in her students.  This positive example set Amy on the path of becoming an educator.  She also remembers the effectiveness of her math teacher at the Christian Outreach School in Hillsboro.  “He knew the material forwards and backwards, and knew how to put it in the right words so students could understand.”

Amy earned a degree in mathematics from Truman State University in Kirksville, MO.  As a graduate teaching assistant, she taught a semester of college algebra.  “The application of mathematics is so important.  If students know the reason they are learning the material, I believe they will become more interested and learn it better.” Strong ties to her community have led Amy to remain in Missouri and teach in the Milan C-2 School District.

Through Campus Christian Fellowship, Amy has participated in annual civic service trips that ranged from building houses in Mexico to assisting restoration efforts in camps throughout the United States.  She is the recipient of the Truman University Graduate Teaching Assistant Fellowship and Missouri Bright Flight Scholarship.  Amy is a sports enthusiast and enjoys playing volleyball, basketball, tennis and biking.  She’s also a musician, and plays the guitar and piano.