I believe teachers should be well respected in society. Teachers are responsible for educating students not only academically, but also for teaching students how to make good choices, how to be respectful and how to live in today’s society.”

Ashley’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Chemistry

“Before deciding to major in chemistry, I started off as a biology major in college. Chemistry had always been too abstract for me to understand during high school. However after being introduced to an amazing professor in my undergraduate career, I quickly fell in love with the subject. I learned and enjoyed visualizing what was happening on the microscopic level within reactions. I also greatly enjoyed performing synthesis reactions and predicting the outcome before even starting the experiment.”

Professional Experience

Prior to entering graduate school, Ashley worked as a tutor and as a teaching assistant in general chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry for three years. She also worked as an organic chemistry research assistant. In this role, she worked on the green, solvent-less, synthesis of fluorescein using a microwave synthesizer.

Volunteer Experience

As a chemistry science ambassador, Ashley developed interactive science lessons for underprivileged inner-city youth in Boston Public Schools.


Ashley enjoys reading, cooking, playing board games, spending time outdoors and engaging in water-based activities. She loves animals and is an animal activist.

Academic Background

  • University of Pennsylvania (Master of Science in Education, Secondary Education: Science)
  • Emmanuel College (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry concentration in Biochemistry)