Nothing is more exhilarating to me than the look on a young student’s face when he finally ‘gets’ a difficult idea he has been struggling with, and I look forward to a long career of these experiences.”

Gregory’s Story

Raised in Seattle, Washington, Gregory Borish became interested in teaching in middle school when he saw how effective one of his teachers was in class. “Ever since my first class of sixth grade geography, I have envied and respected teachers. Our teacher demanded that we respect him, our peers and ourselves. But he also knew when it was the right time to crack a smile, tell a joke, or include a hands-on activity like creating maps out of orange peels.” Greg’s interest in teaching and in mathematics continued through high school. Greg graduated with a BS in mathematics from Harvey Mudd College with the goal of pursuing an advanced degree in education. In college, Greg also realized that his passion lay in teaching high school: “High school students are at an age where they can start to see all that mathematics can do.” He earned his teaching certificate from Stanford University.

A National Merit Commended Scholar, Greg was on Harvey Mudd’s Dean’s List every semester. During his college career, he was a student body film director and photographer/editor for the Harvey Mudd yearbook. Greg was selected to participate in his college’s Academic Excellence Program where he ran exam reviews and weekly tutoring sessions for nine different classes per semester. He has also tutored students at Pomona High School, an underfunded school in greater Los Angeles, and taught classes in intermediate programming and robotics at Cybercamps at the University of Washington.

In addition to being the AP Calculus BC teacher, Greg also leads an after school intervention class, runs the intramural sports program, is a club advisor, and coaches the Junior Varsity baseball team.