Great teachers aren’t born overnight. They develop through reflective practice and are nourished through collaboration and respect for the art of teaching.”

Johanna’s Story

Johanna Langill always enjoyed explaining things and teaching others. She grew up homeschooled and recalls setting up a “school” in her garage to teach her siblings. “I was unconsciously living out my love of teaching until one day I finally realized that teaching was what I always wanted to do.”  A love for mathematics and desire to study the subject at a higher level allowed her to combine both passions.

Johanna studied mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley, with the ultimate plan of becoming a teacher. “I was especially aware of the aspects of mathematics that I enjoyed, as well as the characteristics of teachers that I found inspiring.”  She also spent a year studying international perspectives on math education at Cambridge University and summers working as a volunteer teacher in Central America.  These experiences convinced her that she had made the right career choice.

Johanna has taught algebra as a long-term substitute teacher at Saint Mary’s College High School.  She has fond memories of teaching an inquiry-based lesson on magic squares that allowed students to experience problem-solving and the beauty of mathematics. Johanna is a sign language interpreter and enjoys hula and salsa dancing.