I love seeing students’ eyes sparkle with interest and curiosity. The moment they finally make the connection and the light bulb comes on is truly remarkable.”

Suzy’s Story

Born in South Korea, Suzy Yoon grew up understanding the importance of having great teachers. As a child of missionary parents, Suzy attended eight schools in  different countries in 12 years, and came in contact with teachers who worked hard to build true relationships with their students. “As a missionary kid, I knew how hard it was for students in foreign countries to get a good education in their own language. I often dreamt of becoming the kind of teacher my teachers were to me.”

While attending Messiah College, where she graduated with a BA in mathematics, Suzy further developed her passion for teaching and for mathematics. She worked as a teacher’s assistant in the math help room, tutored in her spare time and continuously volunteered for teaching positions. “The more I studied and tutored math, the more I realized how much I loved to teach it.”

Suzy spent one year student teaching at an urban public school in Philadelphia and earned a master’s degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania. The experience helped her to understand and get ready for the challenges teachers face. “It has undoubtedly been the richest experience to help me become a good teacher.” Suzy is fluent in Korean and loves singing and playing the piano.