I think that it is important that teachers create spaces where students understand what it means to include everyone, to feel cared for, and to respect themselves. These spaces, hopefully, will encourage students to be caring, helpful, and knowledgeable members of society.”

Tamashi’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Chemistry 

“I feel that chemistry is crucial to understanding aspects of how the world works. Teaching chemistry presents a unique challenge of making the invisible visible to our students. This requires me to think creatively, which I really enjoy.”

Professional Experience

During high school, Tamashi entered the world of education through working as a mathematics instructor. Inspired by her freshman chemistry teacher, George Householder, she pursued education in college. She also co-wrote various curriculums, one of which was a formal secondary biology curriculum to be used in middle school classrooms, and the other being a more informal curriculum that discussed exploratory experiences for families in rich ecoregions of Connecticut. Tamashi had the opportunity to intern as a researcher at a local high school, where she studied the relationship and incorporation of social justice within science classrooms. 

Tamashi will begin her second year of teaching chemistry at Hall High School in West Hartford, Connecticut, during the 2023–2024 school year. 


In her free time, Tamashi enjoys doing crafts, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. She is passionate about social justice and seeks to uplift the voices of teachers and students of color.

Academic Background 

  • University of Connecticut (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education)
  • University of Connecticut (Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction)