Teachers play a huge role in society because we hold strong influences on students’ lives, inside and outside of the classroom.”

Will’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology

“Biology is an incredible, relatable subject that offers answers to many questions that arise in our everyday lives, some of which we didn’t even know we had. Have you ever wondered why we find tiny round animals like hamsters so adorable or why we crave certain foods at certain times? Well, biology is the field that can provide answers for all those random questions. As we learn more about the world around us, even more questions arise, and the cycle of curiosity continues.”

Professional Experience

Before beginning his teaching career, Will worked as a substitute teacher across Marin Country, where he discovered that he definitely wanted to become a teacher. During his credentialing, Will worked as a middle school math tutor and assistant director at Mathnasium.


Will likes to compete in Super Smash Bros. tournaments. He’s been playing Smash Bros. since he was eight years old, and recently began entering tournaments to test his skills. He also enjoys painting, singing Disney songs, and cooking/plating his dishes as if he were on a Gordon Ramsay cooking show.

Academic Background

  • Dominican University of California (Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis on Environmental Sciences)