In this episode of Teacher Voice: The Podcast, we learn about affinity groups from educators in the Knowles community and how their participation has impacted them.

“I think it’s [acknowledging] that there are varying points of view, varying identities, varying experiences within [an] organization—and then an opportunity to value what comes out of each of those groups in a way that’s not under the layer of the power dynamics of larger organizational conversation.” – Swetha Narasimhan

Members of the Knowles professional community have been engaged in various affinity groups as a tool to address inequality and problems of representation and access within our own community. In this episode, we talk with many members of the Knowles community about the benefits of affinity groups for creating opportunities for conversation about how our identities impact our work together.

We also hear about some of the challenges of affinity groups, like how we translate our learning from our affinity group experiences into meaningful changes to the structures and practices of our community.

Just having affinity groups won’t solve problems of racism and marginalization in organizations. But we learn that these groups can help members see these issues as a system. We hear about the power of a space with shared understanding around our identity and how that empowers and validates individuals in their experiences.

To hear more about the Knowles community’s experiences with affinity groups, listen to the podcast.



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