Tag Name: teacher identity

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Invisible IdentitiesWhat happens when we bring our whole selves into the classroom, instead of showing up as only the teacher?2023
less thanA teacher reflects on his own experience with educational tracking.2021
The Unanswered Question: Coping with How Much You Can Do As a TeacherAdjusting my expectations and understanding of what counts as success.2021
On Harry Potter and Whose Stories are ToldWhile taking a class about Harry Potter, I realized that teaching any subject—even science—is subjective.2021
I’m Tired.Living with the invisible tax of being a Black educator. 2021
Now on Teacher Voice: An Inquiry into Good TeachingIn this episode of Teacher Voice: The Podcast, Knowles Fellows share their thinking around good teaching: What can good teaching look like? How can we recognize it in ourselves & others? How do we sustain ourselves as we strive to become good—and better—teachers?2018
Learning to Defy MyselfExamining my identity as a teacher— and finding it needs to change.2017
Once a Teacher, Always a TeacherLeaving my teaching position, but bringing my teacher voice with me.2017