I am thrilled to be working with Knowles because my personal mission as an educator is in perfect alignment with its core values.”

Jesse’s Story

Raised by a family of educators, Jesse Stonewood grew up with a unique appreciation for the joys and challenges of the teaching profession.  Taking inspiration from his family and the brilliant teachers he has encountered in his own education, he hopes to impassion young minds about learning and scientific discovery. “Becoming a science teacher allows me to have a career that reflects my values and serves a greater purpose.”  Jesse also believes that “scientific literacy can and should foster a deeper appreciation of the natural world and a greater awareness of the environmental problems threatening it.”

While pursuing a BS in chemistry/biochemistry at Southern Oregon University, Jesse tutored fellow students in math, an experience he found both challenging and rewarding.  He learned to overcome not just the typical teaching hurdles but the added difficulty of crossing a language barrier to communicate.  On one occasion, Jesse collaborated with a Spanish-speaking student to create a translated list of common math terms.  The student’s success with the list led to an increased confidence in Jesse’s own ability.

Jesse previously held a position as a lab chemist, a job which solidified his scientific knowledge and laboratory techniques.  While he enjoyed the work, Jesse yearned for more interaction and decided to pursue teaching.  A father of two girls, he loves hiking and spending time outdoors with his family.  Jesse plans to teach in Southern Oregon so he can give back to the community which has supported him for over 20 years.