I love building relationships with students and helping them see the value and beauty of mathematics.”

Erin’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“Math is more than memorizing. Many students believe that math is not a useful subject in their daily lives. However, I believe that the skills students learn in a math classroom—such as problem solving, critical thinking and questioning logic—will help them succeed in any subject area and be used in daily life.”

Professional Experience

As a graduate student, Erin worked as a calculus teaching assistant. It was in this role that she fell in love with teaching.

Volunteer Experience

During her undergraduate studies, Erin volunteered at a nearby elementary school. She also served as women’s math mentor. Additionally, while studying abroad in Germany, she assisted elementary school students in their math and English classrooms.


Erin enjoys reading and cooking.

Academic Background

  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Master of Science in Mathematics)
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics)