I am charged with the goal of making a positive impact on society through mathematics education.”

Kyalamboka’s Story

Kyalamboka Brown was inspired to become a teacher as a 7th grader. She recalls her principal asking the school assembly to count ten people nearby including themselves. “According to statistics, only one of you will be successful and attain a college degree,” he said. “I was shocked and refused to accept this grim future.” For the first time, Kya became aware of her low-income status and its correlation to educational outcomes. From that moment on, she dreamt of becoming a teacher in order to help disadvantaged children realize their potential. “I want to be an inspiration to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Kya has been passionate about mathematics since elementary school. “I enjoyed doing math and helping others learn the subject.” She went on to MSU, where she studied math as an honors student and had her work in organic chemistry published in professional journals. Kya has student taught and served as a tutor. “During my tenure as a teaching assistant for the mathematics department at MSU, I enjoyed seeking new ways to explain mathematical concepts that suit the needs of incoming freshmen and upperclassmen.”

Kya is a firm believer in public service. She was a student literacy volunteer in college, has taught English as a second language (ESL) in Puerto Rico, and worked at the Boys and Girls Club as an art instructor. She has also served as the fundraising/outreach coordinator for the Somali Association of Michigan, an organization dedicated to helping the Somali community.