I am very excited to embark on this journey with the Knowles Teacher Initiative. Being surrounded by extremely supportive professionals and outstanding math and science educators has instilled in me a new confidence in the direction of STEM education.”

Anna’s Story

Dr. Anna Monteiro began her career as a high school biology and AP Biology teacher in Newark, New Jersey. During her years in Newark, she served as the head coach for the FIRST robotics team, a role she continues to be passionate about. In addition, Anna was also a lead science curriculum writer. In this position, she helped organize and support K-12 science curriculum writing teams. This role afforded Anna the chance to develop and implement several professional development opportunities offered to science teachers within the district, most of which focused on the Next Generation Science Standards.  

Her interest in supporting science teacher development and education first began when Anna became involved with the Newark Montclair Urban Teacher Residency (NMUTR). As lead mentor for five years, she supported preservice science resident teachers during their resident and induction years. She also served as an adjunct professor through the program, guiding resident teachers as they conducted action research in their classrooms. As the lead mentor, she helped organize and lead meetings designed to support other mentor science and math teachers.

Outside of her affiliation with the Newark Public Schools, Anna has served as a graduate instructor of Action Research in the STEM Classroom through the NASA Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project since 2012. Most recently, she developed and taught a second course—Diversity and Equity in STEM Education—a course she is very excited about. 

Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts in biological sciences from the University of Connecticut, a Master of Arts in curriculum and instruction from Kean University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in science education from Columbia University. Her research interests include equity in science education, science teacher training and induction, engaging students in science practices, and alternative assessments. 

When Anna started at Knowles as a Teacher Developer in the Teaching Fellows Program, she worked primarily with teachers in years three and four of the program, supporting them in thinking about equitable group work practices and developing as emergent teacher leaders. She later moved to phase one, where she supported Fellows in years one through three of the Fellowship, as they developed their teaching practices through inquiry. Most recently, Anna shifted into a new role as the Associate Director of the Senior Fellows Program, where she supports the development and growth of all Senior Fellows programs, including the Knowles Academy

She enjoys traveling, skiing, scuba diving, and spending time with her family. Anna lives in Freehold with her husband, daughter and son.

Email: anna.monteiro@knowlesteachers.org

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